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Polio Vaccine Team Killed in Pakistan

According to the Al Arabiya News, four members of a polio vaccination team were killed on February 18, 2015, after being kidnapped from Southwest Pakistan. This issue has been a teething problem, especially since poor vaccination coverage means immense risk to India and Global eradication status. Keep Reading


Fake WHO Certificates of Yellow Fever Vaccination in Zimbabwe and Zambia Endangers Global Populations

Here is a great example of how a Governmental Policy and Implementation may impact global health issues! According to the New Zimbabwe report, fake WHO certificates crediting Yellow Fever vaccinations are sold openly in bus terminals of Zimbabwe and Zambia (a problem which was previously also noted to exist in Nigeria). The main reason why… Keep Reading

Measles Outbreak in Kyrgyzstan

The central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan has recorded 11,000 cases of measles, prompting a travel advisory from the WHO. The nation has initiated a mass vaccination campaign to combat the spread of this disease. Of these 11,000 cases, an estimated 7,000 had occurred in the very first seven weeks of 2015. The WHO has issued… Keep Reading

Box of Pox: The Return of the Smallpox

According to a CDC media release, vials labeled “Variola”, more commonly known as Smallpox, were found in an unused storage room in a laboratory at the NIH, Bethesda, which was used by the Food and Drug Administration. The laboratory had been shifted and these final materials were being transferred to the new facilities when these… Keep Reading


Showing Polio the Finger: A Lesson in Public Health

As students of Public Health, we, in India, are witnessing history in the making. It is not often that one gets to see, and be a part of a revolution that is the eradication of a disease. I know that global polio eradication is still under threat because of multiple issues. And with countries in… Keep Reading

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