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Rapid Revision: Serum Sickness Like Reactions

Background: Serum sickness like reaction is a rare but well-recognized adverse effect with certain drugs, especially antibiotics, amongst which Cefaclor is particularly famous for this. The condition mimics typical serum sickness, which is a type III Hypersensitivity reaction but has not been associated with a similar pathophysiology. In fact the pathogenesis of serum sickness like… Keep Reading


At-Taq of the Clones: @ZDoggMD Beware!

So you thought that science communication was all droll and boring lectures by nerdy looking professors who spout big words which work better than any sleeping pills man has made till date? Well, I am sure your fears had been dispelled by the awesome ZDoggMD and crew. I was also limited to his brand of… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Science 3.o Blogging Contest #WIN!

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Science 3.0 for selecting my blog post as the winner for the Open Science themed contest for May! It is an especially gratifying win because this is a topic that I feel about strongly. Open Access and Open science are the way forward if we have to make… Keep Reading


The New Kids on the PLoS Blogs

A new PLos Blog is being launched and involves a couple of my favorite science bloggers, Ben Good and David Robertson, along with Lizzie Crouch (no relation of Barty Crouch) and Anna Perman. So, go check out the Inside Knowledge blog. I just wish they had an email subscription option! Keep Reading


Hat Tip: ScienceBase

David Bradley is one of those people who I look at and wonder when they get some sleep. I have been reading his blog, Sciencebase, for sometime and I must say I enjoyed reading it a  lot. Also, just recently, I signed up for email alerts of a new and interesting blog, called Sciencetext, which… Keep Reading

House M.D./Research Blogging

House M.D. 1.02: Denialism

Once you have read the plot, you will understand what I am going to deal with in this post. The key to understanding how House reached a diagnosis of SSPE in the adopted kid was in a funny encounter he had in the clinic. A yummy mummy had brought in her kid who she was… Keep Reading

Research Blogging

Get That Heroin Rush, Safely

Clinical observations and lesion based studies have long shown that the brain is an important adjunct for sexual functions. Although the role of the brain in ejaculation and orgasmic sensations is not well understood, the impairment of these functions in patients with strokes or parkinsonism have long shown that the brain has some role to… Keep Reading


IMGs in the USMLE, 2011 Match

Given the growing number of medical students from India who are taking the USMLE, terms like steps, match, scramble, have become more common on the medical school turfs in the sense pertaining to the USMLE. This year, three people I know personally applied for the match. Two of them got through. So, when I got… Keep Reading

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