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William Gosset: A True Student

Today I attended a Basic Epidemiology class meant for the undergraduate students as I thought it would be good to brush up on my basic knowledge. The topics for the day were Hypothesis Testing and An Introduction to Randomized Controlled Trials, both pretty important ones, no matter which level you are studying at. What struck… Keep Reading


Terrific Article on NOW@NEJM

The NOW @ NEJM blog has an awesome summary on the recent findings regarding the reduction in transmission of multi drug resistant bacteria in the ICU. Having worked the past year in the field, I realize the importance of this and hence say that this is a MUST READ! Go check it out asap! Keep Reading


Reblood: Tasty Humans!

I stumbled on this blog from a link on Ben Good’s blog. It is a fascinating look into why mosquitoes behave the way they do, biting some people and leaving others at rest. I guess thus settles a lot of weird pseudoscientific claims that I have always been assaulted with whenever I complained of being… Keep Reading


Valentine’s Day Special: John Hunter

In this special series, I will try to head up to Valentine’s Day with a series of posts to celebrate the day of love with posts not quite so pink and rosey. And I will start with the volatile Scottish surgeon: John Hunter! Yeah. You read that right! Read on, to understand why I chose… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Tuskegee in Guatemala: Reblog from H&H

I stumbled across this blog from The Centre for the Humanities and Health at King’s College London, a Wellcome Trust-funded research centre in the Medical Humanities, which really caught my fancy. I liked several posts, and especially loved this one. habving read Susan Reverby’s draft paper, I must say I was a little shocked with… Keep Reading

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