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Do you have an online presence? Then stop SOPA/PIPA Now!

in today’s world hardly anyone is bereft of an online presence. And hence, hardly anyone is in the dark about the outrageous Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. While I am in no way condoning acts of piracy, I am just defending my right to speak out freely. I am not sure that… Keep Reading


Tech Care of Your Health

Well, it took a massively thought provoking article by Vinod Khosla on TechCrunch to jerk me out of my inertia of lethargy with blogging. In his post “Do we need Doctors or Algorithms” VK embarks on a sci-fiesque prediction of a day when doctors will be replaced by automatons delivering care on the basis of… Keep Reading


Rapid Revision: Serum Sickness Like Reactions

Background: Serum sickness like reaction is a rare but well-recognized adverse effect with certain drugs, especially antibiotics, amongst which Cefaclor is particularly famous for this. The condition mimics typical serum sickness, which is a type III Hypersensitivity reaction but has not been associated with a similar pathophysiology. In fact the pathogenesis of serum sickness like… Keep Reading


Rapid Revision: Rheumatoid Pneumoconiosis

More popularly known as Caplan’s Syndrome, after Dr. Anthony Caplan of the Cardiff Pneumoconiosis Panel, who was the first to describe this condition, this is, as the name suggests, a combination of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pneumoconiosis. Epidemiology: With the fall in coal mining industry and the rise of health standards for industrial workers, this disease… Keep Reading


Rapid Revision: Chromoblastomycosis

This is the segment where I jot down high yield notes for rapid revision of some key features of a focused topic. I know I have not done these for a while now, but well, with the exams right around the corner, and blogging on the backburner, I decided this might be the format to… Keep Reading


Is MBBS Becoming a Vestigial Degree?

“There are, in truth, no specialties in medicine, since to know fully many of the most important diseases a man must be familiar with their manifestations in many organs.” —William Osler, The Army Surgeon, Medical News, Philadelphia, 64:318, 1894. The focus of the modern day medical student has shifted from the broad to the specific.… Keep Reading


Happy World AIDS Day

I usually tend to write a series or two on the occasion of this event but several events have coincided this year to cause an immense crisis where blogging has to take a bit of a back seat. The wrist problem that I was having has got worse and typing is a pain and a… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Pepper Spray and the Police State

This macabre image by Louise Macabitas has brought to us an event that has triggered off a massive knee jerk response in what is considered to be one of the most moderate police force in one of the most free nations of the world.   The casual stance with which the police officer is spraying… Keep Reading

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