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#Anonymous Hack MIT Sites: In Memoriam, Aaron Swartz

The online vigilante justice group, anonymous, has hit out at the MIT for the role they purportedly played in bringing about the demise of Aaron Swartz. They took down the Cogeneration Project page and another page which seems to not be loading now. They apologized for taking the Cogen project page down and launched the… Keep Reading


Social Peer Review: The IJMI Breaks New Ground

With an innovative move to have open peer review of submissions to the IJMI on the G+ community (closed and available only to the members of the group, who are invited by the Moderator/Editor of the Group), they have broken new ground. Now open peer review is nothing new. The BMJ has, amongst many other… Keep Reading

Public Health

A Lexicon for Public Health Students: Hobson’s Choice

This is a new series of posts in which I intend to de-mystify some concepts that are largely confusing (to me) and try to come up with some simple, sticks-to-memory explanation for the same. I may make mistakes in unearthing these concepts since I a myself learning more about these, so do be kind in… Keep Reading

#MedEd/Public Health

Social Exclusion and Inclusion: A Primer

This was a write-up I did for an assignment as part of my Residency training. We have such “informally formal” assignments which are assigned to us in course of the intra-departmental seminars. Now there may well be a lot of mistakes in this (it is supposed to be a primer for me actually!) so please… Keep Reading


Brown Bag Sessions: Food for Thought

We have been contemplating the concept of having a Brown Bag session once in two weeks in our department for quite a while now, and we set the ball rolling today with an attendance much healthier than I personally would have foretold. In the US, brown bag sessions are a common affair where, usually, over… Keep Reading


World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

A couple of days ago, I had a moment of great joy in the clinic we work in the community health center when a person came up to me and unhesitatingly asked for a pack of condoms (they are distributed for free, along with basic medicines from our center). While it might surprise a lot… Keep Reading


PeerJ Calls for Papers: Disruptive Innovation in Open Access

I have been very excited about PeerJ ever since Peter Binfield took up the challenge of bringing down the costs of publication in an online, open access environment a few months ago. I wrote about it, expressed my skepticism at the “starting at 99$” tag, but nonetheless, was fascinated by the audacious claim of bringing… Keep Reading

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