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Life Beyond Medicine

US Shutdown: PubMed, Twitter, Trolls and Medicine

The news in Twitterville and Facebookland is the US Government Shutdown. It seems pretty complicated if you ask me, with a lot of financial considerations being taken into account to understand why the government is shutting down, so, I will use internet memes that have been doing the rounds, in an effort to clarify my… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

#TheekHai: The King’s Speech. NOT!

Merry Christmas, dear readers. Unfortunately, this season of festivities, which has turned secular in India and is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians (like me) alike, has been jarred by a series of unfortunate events, one of which is an exhibition of insipid, uninspiring leadership by the world’s largest democracy. I am not a political person.… Keep Reading

#MedEd/Public Health

Social Exclusion and Inclusion: A Primer

This was a write-up I did for an assignment as part of my Residency training. We have such “informally formal” assignments which are assigned to us in course of the intra-departmental seminars. Now there may well be a lot of mistakes in this (it is supposed to be a primer for me actually!) so please… Keep Reading


Gender Bias + Ignorance = DANGEROUS Patients?

Oh well, just read this post, and had to come write about it before sitting down to study for the night. The issue the author raises on the blog is a VERY important one, but dilutes it with her abject ignorance. The basic premise of the post is the right to choose physicians of a… Keep Reading

#HCSM/Life Beyond Medicine

The Post Where I Finally Get Political

So I was discussing about the contents of this document forwarded to me by a mentor of mine and I was surprised when my friend suddenly said that she did not think that goold, ol’ materialistic me was so left leaning! That was when I realized that I had to get this post out there.… Keep Reading


Now Syria Stops the Internet

Following in the footsteps of one Hosni Mubarak, the Syrian supremo, Bashar Al-Assaad has shut down access to internet to stem the growing tide of resentment against him, and to quell another rebellion in the state. Image from Amnesty USA According to the article in Mashable: “Starting at 3:35 UTC today, approximately two thirds of… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Friday the 13th

Nah, I don’t mean this: I meant this: Following the highest ever polling rates, West Bengal is poised on the brink of a political equivalent of a knock out game. This time around, the opposition coalition, led by Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool Congress, is expecting to topple the ruling leftist coalition, led by Buddhadeb Bhattacharya… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Winds of Change or A Damp Squib, Again?

In a bid to keep my blog politically neutral (which of course, as a person I am not), I usually do not write about politicking. It is a strange business which makes for strange bedfellows and honestly, sometimes, I just don’t get it. That said, I have been having the most political morning in quite… Keep Reading

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