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Debunking EBM

The Man with a million hits: John Ioanndis

If you are not aware of Prof. John Ioannidis and his work, well, you must have been living buried under the proverbial rock (also known as AIPG/AIIMS papers). He is what people usually call a gadfly. He wrote an article which took the world by storm, and not just for a day or two! He… Keep Reading


Peter Binfield Leaves PLOSONE to Found A Novel OA Journal

Peter Binfield joined PLoS ONE in March 2008, when the journal was merely a new fangled concept looked on with a lot of suspicion. Certain editors were worried that it would become the dumping ground for rejected papers because of its policy to publish all methodologically and scientifically sound papers without any concern about its… Keep Reading


The New Kids on the PLoS Blogs

A new PLos Blog is being launched and involves a couple of my favorite science bloggers, Ben Good and David Robertson, along with Lizzie Crouch (no relation of Barty Crouch) and Anna Perman. So, go check out the Inside Knowledge blog. I just wish they had an email subscription option! Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Wearing PLoS to Work!

So remember how I was talking about the Public Library of Science sending me over their t shirt last day? Well, here is another look: I wore it to work today! Support the movement: buy yours today. Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

The PLoS T!

So, this came in the mail today: Needless to say I am thrilled beyond words and am not going to take it off for days to come! Support the Open Access movement: show your appreciation! for those of you wondering what the hell PLoS is, just click the pic to know more! Keep Reading

#HCSM/Research Blogging

PLoS vs Nature: The Open Access Showdown

So, remember, a few days ago I had talked about the launch of an Open Access journal from the NPG stable? If you were too busy having a life, go, check out the post here. Anyways, in what seems like an almost sarcastic repetition of history, PLoS welcomes the latest addition to the OA field.… Keep Reading

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