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Condemning Predatory Journals/Publishers: Nature

This week’s Nature has run yet another publication condemning the evil of predatory publication. However, there is a twist in the tale as the authors have found that authors from high-income countries also publish in these journals quite often! A group of authors spent a whole year combing through 2000 articles published in 200 potentially… Keep Reading


Another Start-up Bites the Dust: Elsevier Buys Mendeley

When TechCrunch reported that there were talks going on between Elsevier and Mendeley this January, I did not want to believe it. Being an ardent user and advocate of the platform, I wanted it to stay out of the clutches of Big Pub. But it is now official, Mendeley has been acqui-hired by Elsevier for… Keep Reading


Aaron Swartz’s Guerilla Open Access Manifesto

Largely credited to Aaron Swartz, this has also found an in depth criticism in Peter Suber’s now archived, Earlham.edu blog on Open Access. I am reproducing it, in memory of the deceased Swartz, as a reminder of the duty that befalls us all. Guerilla Open Access Manifesto Information is power. But like all power, there… Keep Reading


#Anonymous Hack MIT Sites: In Memoriam, Aaron Swartz

The online vigilante justice group, anonymous, has hit out at the MIT for the role they purportedly played in bringing about the demise of Aaron Swartz. They took down the Cogeneration Project page and another page which seems to not be loading now. They apologized for taking the Cogen project page down and launched the… Keep Reading

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