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Literature Search Workshop at UCMS: Extra-Curricular Academics at the MEU

The Medical Education Unit at the University College of Medical Sciences, where I am now doing my residency, is a small, but super-active group of people, and they presented today a workshop on Literature Searching and Reference Management. Although the target audience was mainly the Residents, there was some spill-over as well. There were students… Keep Reading


Despatch from Narela: Another Rural Posting Experience

It has been quite a long hiatus since I last wrote here, and a plethora of changes have affected my life since then. I hope to write about them sometime, and start writing here on a more regular basis, as before. Tonight’s post comes from a sleepy place called Narela, situated at the Delhi-Haryana border,… Keep Reading


The (Alleged) Rajasthan PG Entrance Fiasco

I was thinking of writing about the postponement of the All India Post Graduate Entrance Exam in order to make time for an online counseling system to be put in place, but I just came across another bit of news that has left me wondering what the heck is wrong with the system. Now obviously,… Keep Reading


Save the Junior Doctors: Primum Non Nocere

It seems like an age old saga of woe and misery. Once again the media and mob seem to have ransacked and attacked on duty junior doctors in Bankura Sammilani Medical College, one of the premier teaching tertiary care hospitals in the state. Although at the outset I must admit that I have heard of… Keep Reading


Comic Book Meets Medicine: Little Orphan Annie

One of the classic histopathological signs that we read of in Pathology quite often is the Orphan Annie Eye nucleus seen in Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. This odd name has an interesting history behind it. One that dates back to two popcult references – one at the fag end of the 1800s and one… Keep Reading


Tech Care of Your Health

Well, it took a massively thought provoking article by Vinod Khosla on TechCrunch to jerk me out of my inertia of lethargy with blogging. In his post “Do we need Doctors or Algorithms” VK embarks on a sci-fiesque prediction of a day when doctors will be replaced by automatons delivering care on the basis of… Keep Reading


Rapid Revision: Serum Sickness Like Reactions

Background: Serum sickness like reaction is a rare but well-recognized adverse effect with certain drugs, especially antibiotics, amongst which Cefaclor is particularly famous for this. The condition mimics typical serum sickness, which is a type III Hypersensitivity reaction but has not been associated with a similar pathophysiology. In fact the pathogenesis of serum sickness like… Keep Reading


Rapid Revision: Chromoblastomycosis

This is the segment where I jot down high yield notes for rapid revision of some key features of a focused topic. I know I have not done these for a while now, but well, with the exams right around the corner, and blogging on the backburner, I decided this might be the format to… Keep Reading

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