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Life in Medicine

House M.D.

House MD 8×01: Twenty Vicodin

So, like I said in my last post, House is back, and with a bang. The new season starts off on a bleak note with House serving out the last few days in his 8 month old sentence, and being on the verge of getting paroled. After the rather weird season finale for season 7,… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

52 Hertz: Loneliness, No More!

I was reminded of this story that I had read in the NY Times an age ago. its about a whale that meanders the waters of the world, all alone. Unlike others of his ilk, this whale has been uniquely disadvantaged. Here is what one desperately touched blogger had to say about it: Unlike all… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

The Diaspora Dilemma

Foreword: Well, those of my readers who do not know me personally (I am talking to you two there, thanks for coming to read it!) will not be able to understand where this foreword is coming from, but it is meant for a person who is very close to my heart. One of my best… Keep Reading


Anesthetists’ Hymn

Alright, with all the hate and fear and negative stuff going around for the last few days, I decided to can it. Come on folks, let’s move on already and let peace reign. And with that let me provide, for your entertainment, the Anesthetists’ Hymn, a parody of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – a… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

When the Shit Hit the Pan!

WhiteCoat’s Call Room is one of my most favorite blogs and I just went all ROTFLMAO when I read this: How Betadine Almost Got Me Arrested. Now is he becoming the Dick Feynman of Medicine, eh? And a pic of the poopy brilliance:     Keep Reading

#HCSM/Life Beyond Medicine

The Post Where I Finally Get Political

So I was discussing about the contents of this document forwarded to me by a mentor of mine and I was surprised when my friend suddenly said that she did not think that goold, ol’ materialistic me was so left leaning! That was when I realized that I had to get this post out there.… Keep Reading

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