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World AIDS Day 2014 Theme

December 1 is celebrated as the World AIDS Day and the theme this year is: Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation Arguably one of the most effective plans for global health awareness and Information, Education and Communication activities, the World AIDS Day is generally aimed at getting to zero: zero new infections, zero AIDS related… Keep Reading


World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

A couple of days ago, I had a moment of great joy in the clinic we work in the community health center when a person came up to me and unhesitatingly asked for a pack of condoms (they are distributed for free, along with basic medicines from our center). While it might surprise a lot… Keep Reading



So, following my gallant explanation of what the business of pimping implies in reference to medical schools here, it is finally, time to bring out the first pimp from the… wherever the pimps stay… and this is not that difficult a question, I just put it up because I enjoyed answering, and learning from this… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

WAD 2010: A Short History of the World AIDS Day

As a part of my campaign to spread more awareness regarding issues related to HIV/AIDS this month, I am going to write blog posts, create slideshow presentations and upload videos of the presentations I do for people to see. In a 10 episode series, I plan to capture the various aspects of HIV, AIDS and… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

World AIDS Day: A Short History

On the eve of one of the most popular days in the medical calendar, the World AIDS Day, let me dwell on a short history of this day. Celebrated on 1st December every year, the World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness, funding and acceptance of HIV/AIDS and the 35 million people worldwide living… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

WAD 2010: Speak Out for Sexual Freedom

Greg Laden’s Blog talks about “Panic among Kenya’s gays” following the passing of a UN resolution which makes it tantamount to the fact that killing gays is OK. In a measure on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, the African and Arab nations managed to edge out three words in the final resolution which would have… Keep Reading


WAD 2010: What Are YOU Doing?

1st December is widely celebrated as the World AIDS Day: to raise funds, awareness and support and acceptance of this killer disease and its sufferers. On that particular day, I am supposed to attend a workshop right from early morning to late in the night. However, I have pledged my support to this cause and… Keep Reading

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