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Clinical Research in Times of Ebola… and other Epidemics

As the news trickles in about the raging cholera outbreak in Yemen, and an emerging outbreak is being dealt with urgently in North-Eastern Nigeria, we are more frequently being confronted with the uncomfortable question of leveraging these situations to conduct clinical research activities. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) have come out… Keep Reading


TN Medical Council Cracks Down on Online Advertisement by Doctors

Earlier this year, in May, the Tamil Nadu Medical Council took an unprecedented step, and sent notices to 100 doctors asking them to remove their names from online medical directories, indicating that it is in violation of the Medical Council of India’s Code of Ethics Regulations, 2002. A prominent doctor posted a picture of the… Keep Reading



What happens when the President of the United States of America decides to publish a peer-reviewed commentary in one of the most respected medical journals of the nation? It goes viral, of course. Anybody who follows me on Twitter knows that I am a big fan of Barack Obama, and my liking for him especially… Keep Reading


World Toilet Day: Give A Shit

Happy World Toilet day. As a dear friend reminded me today, it is the day the World Toilet Organization has earmarked for spreading awareness about the lack of proper sanitation and potable water which is killing a large number of people (someone on a poster contended the number was 1600!) everyday the world over. The… Keep Reading


TB or Not TB: World TB Day–No More TB

Today is the World Tuberculosis Day. It commemorates the day in 1882 when Robert Koch made the stunning announcement that he had been able to identify the causative agent for tuberculosis – the Tubercle bacilli. Tuberculosis is a disease that has dogged human beings from the earliest times. It has seen the rise and fall… Keep Reading

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