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AIIMS May 2012: Part–I: Nostalgia

First up, a sincere apology to my email subscribers for messing up your email with multiple temporary post mails from Windows Live. Sorry for spamming you, the program went bonkers trying to get a hold of my new blog theme (Nuntius). I hope you do not unsubscribe! What were the emotions that you felt while… Keep Reading


Another AIPG Controversy

Rumors and hearsay have been a dime a dozen since the bombshell of an AIPG dropped on us and since the results were postponed, there seems to have been an explosion of sorts in the kinds of news just flying around. And like all other med students and PG perspirants, even I have been monitoring… Keep Reading


Landmark Order: JIPMER Asked to Reveal Test Paper and Keys

One of the biggest bones that the Indian post graduate entrance examinees had to pick with the system was the (?apparent) lack of transparency in the examination system, One of the things that could have easily ensured a transparent and clean exam would be if the students were handed the question papers and answer keys… Keep Reading


The (Alleged) Rajasthan PG Entrance Fiasco

I was thinking of writing about the postponement of the All India Post Graduate Entrance Exam in order to make time for an online counseling system to be put in place, but I just came across another bit of news that has left me wondering what the heck is wrong with the system. Now obviously,… Keep Reading


Negative Marking: Proposing An Alternative System

I had written this quite some time ago and I decided to publish this now for obvious reasons. I have an exam this Sunday! The AIPGMEE is a very dicey exam. My personal brush with it has not been very pleasant, so I have obvious conflicts of interest in proposing changes in it and hoping… Keep Reading


Google+ for Google Apps, Open Lab and Exam Musings

So this is a bit of a mishmash of a post. Google Plus is finally being opened up to the Google Apps users! Phew. That settles the hash of using my old Gmail address solely for the purpose of sticking stuff in the Google Plus panel! Anyways. With over 40 million users in a few… Keep Reading


PG CET: Not Happening in 2012. Thanks for the mess!

Oh well, this question has been bugging us endlessly for the past few weeks, ever since the MCI declared on its website (ridiculously named MCIIndia.org. Redundancy five!) the much vaunted plan to redesign the ridiculous exam that guards the gates leading into the pantheons of post graduate medical education in India. And now, it seems,… Keep Reading


Got A Coupla’ Crores Lying Around? Go, Buy An MD Degree!

Rant Alert: The post below comes from a MCQ-mauled, beleaguered medical student who is suffering an early mid-life crisis. So switch off your brain cells before you commence reading! If you are the type whose sensibilities are easily hurt, turn back. You have been warned… Bit of news from today’s newspaper. Keep Reading

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