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Common Exit Exams for Indian Med Students?

So, if this Article (not the best source of news, I know) is to be believed, then the special task force created under the aegis of the Central Government to clean up the mess that is medical education in India, the National Commission for Human Resources for Health, has suggested in its report that there… Keep Reading


Treating MRSA: Clinical Evidence

There is an excellent resource in Clinical Evidence on MRSA: treating people with infection, which proved to be very helpful to me just last week. We usually do not get too many patients with MRSA, thankfully, and were caught off guard when a patient’s culture reports showed MRSA. After doing the needful and alerting the… Keep Reading


#MedEd Musings #1: How Not to do A Powerpoint Presentation

A wonderfully done powerpoint presentation on how not to do a powerpoint presentation! Done by the comedian Don McMillan, this seems to be quite some time old, but I must say, although technology has improved down the ages, and Microsoft has added more and more bells and whistles to MS-Powerpoint with each new version of… Keep Reading

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