Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance

Research Mentorship for MBBS/MD Students in India: The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Program

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There are very limited opportunities for Indian medical students and even residency trainees, to engage in high quality mentorship program focusing on development of research skills. The newly launched DIPS program is one such. I am reproducing the content from the India Alliance website below. You can check their site out here. Rapid developments in…

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My first Postcrossing Postcard receipt, from the Netherlands

You’ve Got Mail!

I loved collecting stamps when I was a kid! I had three albums chock-full of stamps. But then, life happened, and somehow, I kind of drifted away, and ended up not visiting the albums forever. But, I guess the nerdy liking of stamps never really went away. So, when I was in Europe last year,…

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Condemning Predatory Journals/Publishers: Nature

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This week’s Nature has run yet another publication condemning the evil of predatory publication. However, there is a twist in the tale as the authors have found that authors from high-income countries also publish in these journals quite often! A group of authors spent a whole year combing through 2000 articles published in 200 potentially…

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Clinical Research in Times of Ebola… and other Epidemics

As the news trickles in about the raging cholera outbreak in Yemen, and an emerging outbreak is being dealt with urgently in North-Eastern Nigeria, we are more frequently being confronted with the uncomfortable question of leveraging these situations to conduct clinical research activities. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) have come out…

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The Banana Bird

Moving Home: From WordPress.com to Self-Hosted WordPress.org

I know I have not been very active on the blog, but the few remaining readers may have noted that the looks of this blog has changed significantly over the last week or so. That is because I have decided to shift bases. After almost seven years of blogging on the free, hosted WordPress.com platform,…

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#VisualAbstracts: Humans, Bats, Trees, Culture and Nipah Virus Transmission

A recent publication in the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal talks about the factors related to the emergence of zoonotic infections. They have studied Nipah virus infections in man. This is another effort to bring visual abstracts for infectious disease publications of interest to me. The abstract of the paper: Preventing emergence of new zoonotic…

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Penile Transplantation: No, this is not Spam mail – this is real!

Anyone with an email account has received tips on how to augment their male anatomy. And while this might sound like content right out of such an email, it is, in fact, not so! A patient in South Africa received an allotransplanted penis, after he suffered tissue loss due to a botched traditional ritual circumcision…

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