Just a collection of mentions across the interwebs. Indulging my narcissism!

1. Blog Curation/Directory Picks

1.1 #SciSeekPicks: Posts picked up by The Science Seeker Twitter Feed

My post highlighting the condemnation of the predatory publication ecosystem, published in Nature, was picked up by the Science Seeker Twitter feed as one of the posts of the week.


1.2 Research Blogging Editorial Picks

  1. This post, highlighting the captivating JAMA covers series, was selected by Dr. Peter Janiszewski, who blogs at Obesity Panacea and Science of Blogging, and is also the Editor of the Health and Medicine segment of Research Blogging to be an Editor’s Selection post.
  2. This rather provocatively titled blog post also made it to the Research Blogging Editorial Picks.
  3. When I started to talk about dirty money (literally), Research Blogging Editors got interested. This post about the microbial contamination of Indian currency also found its way into the pantheons of Research Blogging Editorial Picks!

2. Blogging Awards

2.1 Indiblogger Awards 2017: Nomination

Four years since winning the best medical weblog award, Scepticemia has again managed to be nominated for the Indiblogger 2017 awards. Check out the nomination page here.
The Indian Blogger Awards 2017


2.2 Selected as #77 on Feedspot’s Top 100 Healthcare Blogs on the Internet

In what came as a major surprise after a particularly depressing lull in writing, Scepticemia was selected to join a very elite club: the Top 100 Healthcare Blogs, curated by FeedSpot. The blog came in at what I think is a very respectable #77, and has since infused me with renewed verve to pick up blogging again!


2.3 Indiblogger Awards 2013: Winner

Scepticemia was awarded the Indiblogger Awards in 2013 for the best Medical Blog.


2.4 Best New Medical Weblog 2010: Runner-up

This Blog was selected by Medgadget to be one of the best new Medical Weblogs (established in 2010). I ended up coming in second best to someone who has since gone on to achieve cult status and is a medical blogging celebrity: ZDoggMD. The fact that I could give him a run for his money and ended up second in a tight race was enough validation for me!


3. Ethical Blogging Memberships

  • Perspective
  • Confidentiality
  • Disclosure
  • Reliability
  • Courtesy