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Research Round-Up

Kandinsky's biomorphic art, Colorful Ensemble
Research Round-Up

Weekend Research Reads #4

This week’s readings have been all over the place. Enteric Infections Zinc oxide nanoparticles provide anti-cholera activity by disrupting the interaction of cholera toxin with the human GM1 receptor (Link) Association between Childhood Diarrhoeal Incidence and Climatic Factors in Urban and Rural Settings in the Health District of Mbour, Senegal (Link) Comparison of two control… Keep Reading

Research Round-Up

Weekend Research Reads #3

The past week was a series of unfortunate events, both on the personal and professional front. Thus, not much reading got achieved. List of papers I skimmed through this week… AQ-13, an investigational antimalarial, versus artemether plus lumefantrine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria: a randomised, phase 2, non-inferiority clinical trial (Link) Whole… Keep Reading

Research Round-Up

Weekend Research Reads #1

Here’s taking a look at some of the interesting research papers that popped up in my inbox this week. I try to keep my reading wider than the work I am currently involved in; that might be criticized as loss of focus, but I like to think of it as keeping my eyes open to… Keep Reading

Research Round-Up

Weekly Research Round Up #2: January 8-14

Welcome to the second week of research round up, where I look back on some of the interesting research papers I happened to read this week. Notice a pattern yet? Yeah… I am working on a lot of antimicrobial resistance related stuff! 1. Series on Antimicrobial Resistance in The Lancet: The series on the rising… Keep Reading

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