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Another CCHF Death in Kutch, Gujarat

Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), a viral hemorrhagic fever caused by tick borne virus, Nairovirus, belonging to the family Bunyaviridae, has been established as an endemic disease in parts of Gujarat, with sporadic deaths being reported from it every year. The disease is spread by ticks like Hyalomma spp and although it can be treated… Keep Reading


Tularemia Erupts in Wyoming

Tularemia, a disease caused in animals and human beings by the bacteria, Francisella tularensis, can be acquired by man in many ways. The CDC outlines the following routes of transmission of tularemia to man: Tick and deer fly bites Skin contact with infected animals Ingestion of contaminated water Laboratory exposure Inhalation of contaminated dusts or… Keep Reading


Madagascar Reports 8 cVDPV1 Cases

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative website has revealed that this year there has been a sharp rise in the number of cVDPV associated cases, which have been traced back to another case which was registered in September 2014. This indicates that there is long-standing and widespread circulation of the cVDPV in the country. This is… Keep Reading


Zika Virus Hits Brazil

A case of Zika virus infection, caused by a virus which is a member of the flaviviridae family, has been reported from Brazil, making it the first reported case of Zika virus from the country this year. There are parts of Brazil in which dengue and chikungunya outbreaks have been (or are currently) underway. Considering… Keep Reading

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