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My rather personal take on the issue of Medical Education: may be severely in contradiction with the conventional wisdom! :)


Cochrane Presents Interactive Learning Courses

Cochrane is a British non-profit, non-governmental organization formed to organize medical research findings so as to facilitate evidence-based choices about health interventions faced by health professionals, patients, and policy makers. They have recently circulated a press release outlining their new interactive learning courses which seem very interesting to me. Check out the details of the… Keep Reading


USMLE in times of Trump: How did the IMGs fare this time around?

Given the stance taken by the 45th President of the United States, many graduates from International Medical Schools were apprehensive about the outcome of the USMLE match this year. The apprehensions were reflected by the fact that for the first time since 2013 there was a dip in the number of total applicants as well… Keep Reading


PSM as a Career Option: #1 Why Choose PSM?

Each year, around the time of AIPG counseling, I get a fair number of emails asking about PSM as a career option. These question are mostly from students who have not really considered PSM as a career option, and hence, do not have the information or evidence needed to take an informed call. I usually try… Keep Reading


EqualHealth Opens up Social Medicine Course

From the EqualHealth website: Beyond the Biological Basis of Disease: The Social and Economic Causation of Illness is offered by EqualHealth in collaboration with SocMed, an organization that advocates for and implements global health curricula founded on the study of social medicine. EqualHealth is excited to expand upon SocMed’s well-established curriculum to focus on the specific… Keep Reading


ICMR STS 2016 Declared: BDS Students Supported No Longer

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has opened up calls for its Short Term Summer Research Studentships (STS). The details are available on their website. The ICMR-STS is one of the premier and most widely sought after student research grants for medical students interested in undertaking a short term research project. According to the… Keep Reading

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