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Life Beyond Medicine

Posts about my life, or whatever little I have of it, outside the world of Medicine! :)

Life Beyond Medicine

Docplexus and the Dicey Email Spam

OK. So, I have not blogged twice in such quick succession in a long long time… that can only mean one thing: I am procrastinating on a deadline! Anyway, that apart, a few things happened over the past few days which prompted me to write this post. So, to start with, this is basically a… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Remembering Prof. Huw Taylor

A couple of months back, my institute hosted a group of scientists from the University of Brighton and Emory University, who had come over to explore the possibilities of collaborating on a research project on enteric fever and its environmental, behavioral and biological determinants. We spent a couple of days trampling through the alleys of… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Demonization of Doctors: #jesuisasur

The Durga Puja is not just a religious ceremony for Bengalis. To them, it is a cultural extravaganza, a carnival, and a riot of happiness that knows no caste, creed, color, religion or political affiliations. So, naturally, this has become an extremely lucrative opportunity to be exploited for economic gains by multiple stakeholders. The norm… Keep Reading

My first Postcrossing Postcard receipt, from the Netherlands
Life Beyond Medicine

You’ve Got Mail!

I loved collecting stamps when I was a kid! I had three albums chock-full of stamps. But then, life happened, and somehow, I kind of drifted away, and ended up not visiting the albums forever. But, I guess the nerdy liking of stamps never really went away. So, when I was in Europe last year,… Keep Reading

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