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May 2015

Life Beyond Medicine

An Oslerphile's Dream Gift

I received a wonderful gift yesterday, one that has had me hooked ever since. I hope to write more details on the surprise party where I got the gift in an upcoming post, but for now, I just cannot wait to show off this brilliant gift: a limited edition, published for members only version of the… Keep Reading


Bird Flu Kills Tigers in China Zoo

The FAO Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) reports in disease event ID 200313 the death of two tigers in a Guangxzi zoo (in China) after they were affected by bird flu (highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1).  The report stated eight tigers were at risk of the infection, of which two died. Virus isolation was done via… Keep Reading


Typhoid Outbreak in Jammu and Kashmir

Reports of an outbreak of typhoid is pouring in from Jammu and Kashmir, with as many as 65 patients being confirmed by laboratory investigations at the District Hospital, Rajouri. The Medical Superintendent of the District Hospital at Rajouri has further added that a whopping 260 patients have been registered with the hospital with clinically suspected… Keep Reading


Tularemia Epidemic in Kosovo

A report in the InNews Inserbia website states that there has been an outbreak of Tularemia in Kosovo, in which over 200 people were affected in the first six weeks of 2015. The website further quotes the Kosovo Institute of Public Health as having stated: “The Committee for the Prevention of infectious diseases at the… Keep Reading

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