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April 2013


USMLE 2013 and IMGs: All That Glitters is NOT Gold

I have pretty much been declared the official (Indian) USMLE rumor-monger by one of the most famous USMLE coaching institutes that held introductory classes to tell the masses what USMLE was all about. Thank you sir, you made my day. Now, again, another disclaimer. The last time I wrote about the USMLE match (this one:… Keep Reading


Another Start-up Bites the Dust: Elsevier Buys Mendeley

When TechCrunch reported that there were talks going on between Elsevier and Mendeley this January, I did not want to believe it. Being an ardent user and advocate of the platform, I wanted it to stay out of the clutches of Big Pub. But it is now official, Mendeley has been acqui-hired by Elsevier for… Keep Reading

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