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December 2012

Life Beyond Medicine

#TheekHai: The King’s Speech. NOT!

Merry Christmas, dear readers. Unfortunately, this season of festivities, which has turned secular in India and is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians (like me) alike, has been jarred by a series of unfortunate events, one of which is an exhibition of insipid, uninspiring leadership by the world’s largest democracy. I am not a political person.… Keep Reading


Social Peer Review: The IJMI Breaks New Ground

With an innovative move to have open peer review of submissions to the IJMI on the G+ community (closed and available only to the members of the group, who are invited by the Moderator/Editor of the Group), they have broken new ground. Now open peer review is nothing new. The BMJ has, amongst many other… Keep Reading

Public Health

A Lexicon for Public Health Students: Hobson’s Choice

This is a new series of posts in which I intend to de-mystify some concepts that are largely confusing (to me) and try to come up with some simple, sticks-to-memory explanation for the same. I may make mistakes in unearthing these concepts since I a myself learning more about these, so do be kind in… Keep Reading

#MedEd/Public Health

Social Exclusion and Inclusion: A Primer

This was a write-up I did for an assignment as part of my Residency training. We have such “informally formal” assignments which are assigned to us in course of the intra-departmental seminars. Now there may well be a lot of mistakes in this (it is supposed to be a primer for me actually!) so please… Keep Reading


Brown Bag Sessions: Food for Thought

We have been contemplating the concept of having a Brown Bag session once in two weeks in our department for quite a while now, and we set the ball rolling today with an attendance much healthier than I personally would have foretold. In the US, brown bag sessions are a common affair where, usually, over… Keep Reading


World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

A couple of days ago, I had a moment of great joy in the clinic we work in the community health center when a person came up to me and unhesitatingly asked for a pack of condoms (they are distributed for free, along with basic medicines from our center). While it might surprise a lot… Keep Reading

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