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January 2012


Comic Book Meets Medicine: Little Orphan Annie

One of the classic histopathological signs that we read of in Pathology quite often is the Orphan Annie Eye nucleus seen in Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. This odd name has an interesting history behind it. One that dates back to two popcult references – one at the fag end of the 1800s and one… Keep Reading


Mistakes in Medicine: The Brian Goldman TED Talk

This TED Talk has been on my radar for quite some time now, but thanks to my exams and study schedules, I have not been able to get around to going through it. At nearly 20 minutes (plus a lot more if your connection is as slow as mine) it is a bit longer than… Keep Reading


Do you have an online presence? Then stop SOPA/PIPA Now!

in today’s world hardly anyone is bereft of an online presence. And hence, hardly anyone is in the dark about the outrageous Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. While I am in no way condoning acts of piracy, I am just defending my right to speak out freely. I am not sure that… Keep Reading


Tech Care of Your Health

Well, it took a massively thought provoking article by Vinod Khosla on TechCrunch to jerk me out of my inertia of lethargy with blogging. In his post “Do we need Doctors or Algorithms” VK embarks on a sci-fiesque prediction of a day when doctors will be replaced by automatons delivering care on the basis of… Keep Reading

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