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November 2011

Life Beyond Medicine

Pepper Spray and the Police State

This macabre image by Louise Macabitas has brought to us an event that has triggered off a massive knee jerk response in what is considered to be one of the most moderate police force in one of the most free nations of the world.   The casual stance with which the police officer is spraying… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

So What If Peter Roebuck WAS Gay?

I logged in to check if I had any comments or mails to moderate or reply to and I was hugely shocked to see this on the stats tab of the blog: Initially I had thought that the spike of visits was because of this post I wrote about my experience of the AIIMS PGMEE… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

R.I.P.: Peter Roebuck

Just as I was about to wind up for the night, I came across this news bit on Twitter: Peter Roebuck is dead. He was supposedly being investigated for committing sexual assault when he jumped t0 his death from the 6th floor of his hotel room in South Africa. He was there to cover the… Keep Reading


Menage-a-Trois: Download, Print, Keep, Share

I have received several requests for a printable version of my previous post. Since I did not realize that it would become so popular (relatively speaking), I did not upload the original PDF document that I printed out for myself. I have been told that the “Print” option on wordpress produces a rather ungainly result… Keep Reading



Ah! Got you there, didn’t I? They say when trouble comes, it comes in threes. For example, this month, I have three soul crushing, morale destroying, confidence pulverizing examinations lined up one after the other. (That might explain this post!) Anyways, so I was reading a lot of clinical buzzwords and stuff and I realized… Keep Reading

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