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September 2011


TimeUse: What People Do On Twitter All Day

This is a quickie post before I run to the gym. Hat Tip: Jon Wilkins of Lost in Transcription (and the rather wordy Darwin Eats Cake webcomics). So this is a question that has plagued me so much: what DO people do on Twitter all day? Another curious soul, Scott Golder, decided to get off… Keep Reading


Mediquiz: Inquizzitive–Retrospectoscope

This round was entirely made up by Tamoghna, and he totally deserves the kudos for this. It was a little disheartening to see the iron lung/polio connection go unidentified, even after the tell tale pic, and the ample clues we provided. But anyways these questions are always a little tricky and just in case you… Keep Reading


Inquizitive: The Medical Quiz

Medical Quizzing is a tool for medical education that employs multiple skill sets, both creative and analytical, to crack the code of questions. First popularized by Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee, a prominent surgeon of Kolkata, a proud alumnus of my alma mater and of course, a teacher par excellence, this remains one of the most grueling… Keep Reading


Researching: A Foundation Workshop

Click pic to go to registration site. Undergraduate Medical Education in India sorely lacks any initiation into research knowledge. While I agree this MBBS training is supposed to equip people with clinical and therapeutic skills, in a world which is fast moving towards evidence based medicine, one needs minimal research skills to be able to… Keep Reading


An Unplanned Abortion: An Ethical Quandary

I am a big fan of Paul Levy’s Not Running A Hospital blog and have been moved by one of his recent posts. Here is a brief extract of his post: An OB/GYN doctor performed a hysterectomy on a patient in her 40’s for irregular bleeding and other problems. She had a long history of… Keep Reading

Life Beyond Medicine

Grand Rounds 7-50 Over at Dr. Rich’s

Go on to read the latest summary of the best in medical blogging over at the Covert Rationing Blog written by Dr. Rich. I am glad that he found one of my posts fit to be included in his write up. Though initially it was not themed, Dr Rich decided on the theme of Jobs… Keep Reading


MediQuiz 2011: An Overview

This was the first and last time me and my mate Parijat got to organize the MediQuiz which has been given a cult status by none other than Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee, surgeon, and one of my mentors. This time we had planned it out such that there would be a smattering of different elements to… Keep Reading

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