Winds of Change or A Damp Squib, Again?

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In a bid to keep my blog politically neutral (which of course, as a person I am not), I usually do not write about politicking. It is a strange business which makes for strange bedfellows and honestly, sometimes, I just don’t get it. That said, I have been having the most political morning in quite some time. The news media has been overwhelmed by the exit polls which came out after Phase 6 of the Assembly elections (remember, I poked and prodded you to vote some time ago?) which came out yesterday.

And while no one, including the big honchos themselves, should be surprised by the strangest number set in the state for the past three and a half decades, the exit polls do make a strong case for an impending change in the political weather of a very political state. Here is the news-catch from the Times of India:

One of the leading vernacular daily in the state, Anandabazar Patrika, predicts a heavy defeat for the ruling coalition:


One of the larger national news agencies, IBN, also seems to echo the same sentiment:


All said and done, there seems to be no voice which speaks contrary to this. A couple of sources have predicted closer numbers, with the ruling coalition losing by a hair’s breadth. Only one news outlet seems to have the inverse number going: Zee News. But I am sorry I could not dig up any links to that end.

But before you jump down my throat and call my regionalism into question let me also take this chance to mourn the passing of Omar Ahmed, the Mayor of San Carlos, California. I heard a TED talk by him and have been a fan of this straight shooting politician with a sense of humor you cannot but notice. Here is one of his TED talks where he tells us how we can get in touch with our elected officials and be a part of the decision making tree:


Even as I write this post, there is a storm brewing outside and I wonder, is it symbolic of the times to come? At the best of times, West Bengal has been the hotbed of political unrest and this seems to be a time pregnant with possibilities for any number of them to flare up.

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