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It seems like the good folks at the helm of are trying to welcome into their folds the numerous people who use and are hosting their blogs elsehwere! With the launch of JetPack which was closely followed by their extraordinarily expensive offer to shift your blog to (at 99$ it is a week’s salary for me: not cheap by any means!), it seems that they are trying to tie in the huge number of wordpressers, whether .com or .org, together.

If you want to cast off your boat into the self hosted domain, then there are the officially recommended hosts (again, too costly sometimes, for my wallet size). And then there are the independent services which deliver the same for much lesser.

One of these hosting/domain providers is BigRock. They are doing nothing new: hosting, domain, email, ceritidcates, etc. But they are doing it in a targeted fashion. Having earmarked INR 10 crores towards advertisement expenses only, they are really going down hard on the Indian internetizens in a bid to give them their own, personal niche in the webverse. A subsidiary of the much larger Directi Group of Businesses, they employ 75 people across 3 centers in their India.

They claim to be hosting over 5 million domains globally, which does sound impressive and it makes me wonder why then, they are coming down so hard on the Indian markets.

Anyways, they employ the concept of globally distributed datacenter and I can only guess what that means, not being a techy type of a person. Anyone care to explain to me in English what it means?

One thing I do not know how they stand in contrast to the bigger players, and how reliable they are (not having used their services yet). The issue with hosting is the downtime and I have had no issues with in that regard. Yes, there have been downs and outs, but the folks have been inordinately open about them. I do not know how Bigrock plans to handle these situations. However, one thing that I do know is that they have excellent customer care services. I am not yet a customer for them and am only considering moving one of the group blogs I write for over to their care, yet, they have been replying to every question I have put to them with astonishing rapidity and clarity. If there is one thing I treasure in a service is how good its customer care is and they do appear to care.

The good folks over at Bigrock have pleasantly surprised me by offering to host my blog free for the first year! And if any of you want to get what appears to be a good experience with these folks hosting your site and are looking for a coupon to lighten your hosting charges a bit, do get in touch with me!

Bigrock : Quick, Easy, Secure.


The Bigrock folks have charmed me with their niceness! Also they have agreed to let me host my site for free for a year (not this one: I am not moving this anywhere!). And they have also given me a coupon code which allowed 50% reduction in costs if you are interested in buying from them. If you want to use that code, do get in touch with me!

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  1. BR has the best customer care division. Their support team is very supportive. Best Customer Care I’ve ever experienced.

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