The Private Bits of Gregarious Carnivores (via terrible puny rightness)

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This is an incredible science blog that I stumbled across while roaming the vast expanses of Research Blogging. Loved this post. Especially the detailed explanations which makes reading the post a pleasure, even for someone like me who has little interest in exotic zoology! Go, give this blog a read!

The Private Bits of Gregarious Carnivores Female spotted hyenas give birth through the tip of a penis-like clitoris. That sounds unpleasant, right? It’s also quite damaging. First-time birth through this “peniform” clitoris is long and difficult and results in the clitoral opening tearing when the relatively large, open-eyed pup (with teeth and claws) is born. Quite often, the first birth through this pseudopenis also results in the the death of the pup. So, uh, why is it there? [caption … Read More

via terrible puny rightness

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