Blog Buddy Review: Who Wants to be Next?

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i-want-you This post is meant for my blogging buddies exclusively. Remember the segment in which I take down your WHOLE blog, and read it from tip to toe and end up ridiculing it? Casey, Stacey and Lisa (DePressed) have all been victims previously. Read them posts if you haven’t already!

So, I want to review YOUR blog the next time. Do you want me to? Because I will, sooner or later, if your name is on the sidebar of mine. You can run, but you CANNOT hide, I will smoke your blog outta their hideyholes! So you’d better give in with some dignity and type in nice words to me along with the request to review your blog.

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I will go on a first come, first served basis!

P.S.: Please, please, please reply! I will be left looking pretty silly if no one hits on the submit button above. Help me, kind folks! I promise I will try to make the video on the review as ridiculous as possible!

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