WBPGMAT 2011: Recalled Questions 51-60

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51. Toxic dose of lithium is above: [Pharmacology]

a. 1 meq/l

b. 2 meq/l

c. 4 meq/l

d. 6 meq/l

52. In order to prevent the venom of an Elapida bite from spreading what should ideally be the pressure of the tourniquet? [Forensic Medicine and Toxicology]

a. >100 mm Hg

b. 40 – 70 mm Hg

c. 20 – 50 mm Hg

d. 5 – 10 mm Hg

53. What is the best route to approach the thoracic extension of a cervical goiter? [Surgery]

a. Cervical approach

b. Thoracotomy

c. Thoracoscopic approach

d. Cervicothoracic approach

54. What is the length of the intraorbital portion of the optic nerve? [Ophthalmology/Anatomy]

a. 10 – 15 mm

b. 20 – 25 mm

c. 30 – 35 mm

d 40 – 45 mm

55. If an intrauterine device has to be used as a method of emergency contraception, it is best placed how many days within exposure? [Preventive and Social Medicine]

a. 5 days

b. 8 days

c. 10 days

d. 12 days

56. Triple line sign is seen in the endometrium in which of the following conditions? [Radiology]

a. Secretory phase

b. Proliferative phase

c. Endometriosis

d. Endometrial carcinoma

57. All of the following are complications of the superficial parotidectomy except: [ENT]

a. Facial nerve injury

b. Numbness of the ear

c. Frey’ Syndrome

d. Xerostomia

58. Which of the following is not a major prognostic factor in multiple myeloma? [Medicine]

a. B2 macroglobulin

b. CRP

c. ?Bone involvement

d. ?

59. What is the commonest cause of death of patients of multiple myeloma? [Medicine]

a. Infections

b. Treatment related complications

c. Renal failure

d. ?

60. Which of the following antibiotics inhibits protein synthesis in prokaryotes by blocking the peptidyl transferase enzyme?

a. Streptomycin

b. Tetracycline

c. Chloramphenicol

d. ?

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