WBPGMAT 2011: Recalled Questions 41-50

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41. Tetany is seen in all of the following except: [Medicine]

a. Hypocalcemia

b. Hypomagnesemia

c. Hypoparathyroidism

d. ?Metabolic acidosis

42. All of the following are causes of high output cardiac failure except: [Medicine]

a. Sepsis

b. Neurogenic Shock

c. ?Hypothermia

d. Burns

43. Bicarbonate is mainly absorbed from: [Physiology]

a. PCT

b. DCT

c. ?Thick ascending Loop of Henle

d. Collecting tube

44. Fracture dislocation of which of the following bones is associated with median nerve palsy? [Surgery]

a. Scaphoid

b. Hamate

c. Lunate

d. Trapezium

45. Which of the following is commonly seen after the exposure of the eyes to infra red light? [Ophthalmology]

a. Cataract

b. Conjunctivits

c. Keratitis

d. Glaucoma

46. Which of the following is the earliest sign of Vitamin A deficiency? [Ophthalmology/Preventive and Social Medicine]

a. Corneal xerosis

b. Conjunctival xerosis

c. Bitot’s spots

d. Keratomalacia

47. In ophthalmia neonatorum, there is necrosis of an oval shaped area of the cornea [Ophthalmology]

a. just at the center of the cornea

b. anywhere over the cornea

c. just above the center of the cornea

d. just below the center of the cornea

48. In case of a staphyloma which has pushed the cornea outwards, the depth of the anterior chamber is [Ophthalmology]

a. Deep

b. Shallow

c. Fully occupied

d. Unchanged

49. Osteomyelitis of the metaphysis of the following bones predisposes to the formation of pyogenic joint abscess due to its proximity with the joint except [Orthopedics]

a. Proximal end of humerus

b. Proximal end of femur

c. Distal end of femur

d. Distal end of tibia

50. In case of a fracture of both the bones of the forearms in an adult, which of the following is the most appropriate line of management? [Orthopedics]

a. Closed reduction and plaster cast

b. Open reduction and plaster cast

c. Open reduction and Intramedullary nailing

d.Open reduction and plating

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