WBPGMAT 2011: Recalled Questions 31-40

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31. All of the following have been shown to have survival benefits in a patient with acute myocardial infarction except: [Medicine]

a. Beta blockers

b. ACE Inhibitors

c. Spironolactone

d. Frusemide

32. Atonic bladder is seen in [Neurology]

a. Spinal shock

b. Spinal injury above the level of sacral segments

c. Brainstem injury

d. Transection of the afferent nerves from the bladder

33. Which is the commonest area of intracranial hypertensive bleed? [Neurology: very confusing syntax, if I may add. The question was framed exactly like this.]

a. Basal ganglia

b. Brain stem

c. ?Subdural hemorrhage

d. Cerebellum

34. A patient was given spinal anesthesia for TURP. An hour later, he develops altered sensorium and becomes unconscious. Which of the following is the most likely? [?Surgery]

a. Hypotension

b. ?Spinal Shock

c. Water intoxication

d. Rupture of the urinary bladder

35. Which of the following is the definitive treatment for management of preeclampsia? [Obstetrics]

a. Termination of pregnancy

b. Magnesium Sulfate

c. Tranquilisers

d. ?

36. Which of the following benzodiazepines has the least sedative effect alongwith its anti epileptic effect? [Pharmacology]

a. Diazepam

b. Midazolam

c. Lorazepam

d. Clonazepam

37. Which of the following benzidiazepines has more clinical applications besides its effect as a sedative? [Pharmacology]

a. Estazolam

b. Oxazepam

c. Clonazepam

d. ?

38. Which of the following is used in the management of osteoporosis? [Medicine]

a. Estradiol

b. Teriparatide

c. Dexamethasone

d. ?

39. Gallow’s traction is used for which of the following conditions? [Orthopedics]

a. Cervical injury in adults

b. Fracture femur in small children

c. Acute back ache in adults and adolescents

d. Pelvic fracture with multiple comminutions

40. Pethidine is preferred to Morphine as an analgesic during pregnancy because: [Obstetrics]

a. It does not reduce uterine contractions

b. it does not cross the placental barrier

c. It does not cause drug dependence

d. ?It does not delay lung development

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