WBPGMAT 2011: Recalled Questions 11-20

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Q. 1 – 10

11. Severe headache in pre eclampsia is due to: [Obstetrics]

a. Severe pre eclampsia

b. Chronic Hypertension

c. Fetal distress

d. Renal failure

12. A patient in the first trimester of her pregnancy is seen to have a 6 cm x 8 cm ovarian cyst. What is the appropriate step to do next? [Obstetrics]

a. Observe progress of pregnancy till any complication evelops

b. MTP

c. Immediate laparotomy

d. Immediate laparotomy with termination of pregnancy

13. A patient is diagnosed to have an ectopic pregnancy. What is the next appropriate step? [Obstetrics]

a. Observe

b. Cross matched transfusion

c. Cross matched transfusion and plan for an urgent laparotomy

d. Plan for laparotomy

14. Nuchal translucency is seen in [Obstetrics]

a. Open neural tube defects

b. Trisomy 21

c. Trisomy 13

d. Trisomy 15

15. A patient is diagnosed to have acute pancreatitis due to gall stone disease. What is the next appropriate step for the diagnosis of the case? [Surgery]

a. USG whole abdomen

b. CT Scan of the Abdomen


d. Upper GI Endoscopy

16. In which of the following conditions does a calcified urinary bladder appear like a fetal head in the pelvis in a skiagram? [Radiology]

a. Schistosomiasis

b. Tuberculosis Urinary Bladder

c. Yrethral stricture

d. Chronic cystitis

17. Increased irritability of the skeletal muscles is classically seen in [Medicine]

a. Metabolic acidosis

b. Metabolic alkalosis

c. Respiratory acidosis

d. Respiratory alkalosis

18. A 14 year old boy fell off a bicycle and injured his head. However, he had a good Glasgow Coma Scale level when he was admitted for observation. 3 hours after admission, he became non-responsive to pain and unconscious. What is the possible diagnosis? [Neurology]

a. Extradural hemorrhage

b. Subdural hemorrhage

c. Subarachnoid hemorrhage

d. Intracerebral hemorrhage

19. Which of the following is not an early sign of renal tuberculosis on USG? [Radiology]

a. Diffuse attenuation

b. Hydrocalyx

c. Calyceal stricture

d.Short, wide ureter

20. What is the radiation exposure to the fetus when a CT Pelvis is done?

a. 0.15 rad

b. 0.5 rad

c. 2 rad

d. 100 rad

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