Memorizing The Break-Yo Plexus (via Kambiz Kamrani)

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So this is the first time I am reblogging something on the background. This post by med student and avid blogger Kambiz is a wonderful way to remember a complex bit of Anatomy. Seeing how I was never any good at it, I think this is a great way to remember some tough stuff.

Check out his post for more on this. And his blog for more musings of a multifaceted medico!

Memorizing The Break-Yo Plexus I’m studying for my USMLE Step 1 exam, and apparently/unfortunately the brachial plexus is very high yield. Being somewhat naive, I learned this and forgot it after anatomy during my first term. In a nutshell, this plexus is a highway of 5 spinal nerve roots that give off 16 different nerves. These 16 nerves mostly supply movement and sensation to the arm, shoulder and upper back. This illustration gives you an idea how confusing it is. [caption … Read More

via Kambiz Kamrani

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